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Leadership & Management Development

People are the heart and soul of every organization and the key to business success is through your people, their skills, talents and uniqueness. Great achievement is accomplished through individuals, equipped with the right skills, performing effectively and efficiently.

X fusion delivers leadership and management skills training which leads to performance improvement through people. Our aim is to deliver high impact, multi-sensory training programmes that ensure maximum effect and long-term results. We believe passionately that training should be fun, effective, and challenging with immediate and long-term improvements achieved for both participants and clients.

Our goal is to ensure you achieve the edge that sets you apart from the competition and supports you as you accomplish extraordinary levels of excellence. It is well documented that organisations that invest in leadership development hold the key to dramatically improved business performance, and the hundreds of high achieving companies we work with would all agree. 71% of our clients use us repeatedly and want all their people to benefit from the same outstanding achievements as themselves.

We want to inspire you so that you can channel your energy and develop the leadership skills to not only achieve your vision but also to inspire those around you to come with you.

Along the way, we have gained a reputation for creating innovative leadership and management development programmes. Our workshops which are underpinned by expert coaching and facilitation, are designed to deliver a real impact. Working closely with you and your organisation’s principles, we will collaborate to deliver extraordinary results. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will focus on your specific needs and requirements to create a tailor made programme, whether you have 50 people in your organization or 50,000.

We are passionate about helping people achieve exceptional levels of performance and therefore we often combine personal coaching with many our training programmes.

Some of the programmes and workshops we deliver include;

  • Improved organisational and people management skills

  • Clear and effective communication

  • Enhanced team development and empowerment

  • Building rapport for business

  • Effective goal setting

  • Effective feedback

  • Making tough decisions and dealing with conflict.

  • Managing remote and matrix teams

  • Leading and managing in cultural diversity

  • Change Management

  • Personal leadership

  • Motivational leadership

  • Motivational management

  • Personal profiling - for individuals and teams

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profiling

  • Coaching for managers and leaders

  • Influencing skills

'The PeopleModel'™

A ‘framework’ to identify and develop the winning attitude and behaviour of Leadership teams and individuals.

The Harvard Business Review reported that "for teams to succeed, high emotional intelligence must be at the team’s heart". (2001 – V Urch Druskat and S Wolfe).

At the core of Xfusion’s work, is a deep understanding of the driving force behind winning attitudes and behaviour. This goes beyond skills, knowledge and desires, into areas that are often difficult to measure, but critical for success. To address this, Xfusion’s coaches have developed an effective framework by which they work, based around 5 core elements – the elements that have proved to be critical in the success of any senior team or individual. This is the known simply as the

The Elements of The PeopleModel™:

  • Self Perception & Awareness - the ability to accurately identify and develop strengths in themselves, the team and the organisation

  • Trust - creating an open environment throughout the organisation

  • Engagement - continual drive and responsibility to succeed

  • Cooperation & Collaboration - common and complementary goals, working practices and communication

  • Sustainability - active commitment, change and drive throughout the duration required

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

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